Journey-Drawings ART AS MEDICINE PART 2

By Elanit Kayne Linder

Director, Care Navigators, Jewish Family Service of Greater New Haven, Author of “The Bucket and the Stone” 

Journey-Drawings: ART AS MEDICINE is a new project. Your life questions can be sent to to be included in the Shalom New Haven publication. Your thoughts on the project development are also welcome.

Elanit Kayne Linder LMSW is an artist, author and therapist. She is the Director of Aging Adult Services at Jewish Family Service of Greater New Haven. Links for her books can be found on her website at remiculture. com and her social media handle is @elanitkayne or /elanit on LinkedIn. 

A young woman came to Elanit and said, “I am still connected to the man who I was seeing, and who ended our relationship. At the same time I am beginning a new relationship with someone who may be a better fit for me.” Elanit asked, “What shame is there in loving the first man? Is it not a strength to live in transparency with an open heart? To allow your feeling to continue or simply to be?

Your feelings are not harming you if there are allowed to live and pass over you, as long as your mind is ready for the next connection.” It is possible to love many people, it shows that our hearts have capacity for humanity and community. There is no need to stop loving. 



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