JSCREEN Changes Lives… One Family at a Time

JScreen New Haven, a public health initiative that provides detection for preventable hereditary cancers and Jewish genetic diseases, is changing lives everyday by providing reproductive genetic screening and cancer genetic screening to Jewish individuals and couples.

Now, the vital home screening spit kits that make it possible for JScreen to change lives have been made even more accessible to all members of the Greater New Haven Jewish community, thanks to the generosity of the B Foundation, Women of Vision and and donors who have ensured that fees for screening kits can be waived.

Who is eligible to receive free screening? Screening through JScreen New Haven is available for all individuals and couples living in the Greater New Haven and seeking knowledge about their genetic risks. This includes individuals with a known Jewish background, those who are unsure of their Jewish ancestry, all denominations, interfaith couples, and LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. The reproductive screening is for individuals ages 18-45 and the cancer genetic screening is for ages 21 and up.

Prevention is the goal! The JScreen nonprofit initiative, housed at Emory University, created to educate and provide screening to Jewish families to learn about their elevated risk of possible genetic disorders and cancer risks for ovarian, BRCA, colorectal and more. Men and women with a mutation in a cancer gene have a 50% chance of passing down the mutation to each of their children. If you test positive for a mutation, your children, siblings, and other relatives may also be at a higher risk to have a cancer gene mutation. 


ReproGen: assesses a couple’s reproductive risk and CancerGen: assess an  individuals’ increased cancer susceptibility.

JScreen is so easy to use. There’s no trip to the doctor or needle needed to draw blood. If interested, visit jewishnewhaven.org/jscreen to read about the screening test and request a FREE kit

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