Judy Dianomdstein welcomes Governor Dannel Malloy

Judy Alperin Diamondstein offered a warm welcome to Governor Dannel Malloy, who spoke at the JCC of Greater New Haven today, and reaffirmed the commitment of the Jewish Community to the resettlement of immigrants and refugees. 

"On behalf of the board of director and as the CEO of the Jewish Federation, Foundation, and JCC of Greater New Haven, it is my honor and privilege to welcome Governor Dannel Malloy this morning. With the Holiday of Thanksgiving to be celebrated this week the Jewish Community, like other communities which make up our great nation will pause to count our blessings and all that we have been afforded as citizens: The freedom of religion and self-expression guaranteed by the United States constitution has served as a bastion of hope, and ultimately a welcome embrace to those Jews who have suffered under tyrants and dictators. We understand what it means to be a refugee. We understand that most Americans have an immigrant story to tell. And we understand that our Jewish values instruct us to  welcome the stranger and offer our help. That is why the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven has partnered with five Jewish Synagogues. Congregation Beth Kesher Israel, Congregation B'nai Jacob, Congregation Mishkan Israel, Congregation Or Shalom, and Temple Emanuel to Support the work of JCARR, the Jewish Community Alliance for Refugee Resettlement, which has now welcomed and assisted two families. It is with the leadership and assistance of Chris George and his team at Iris that our community is able to participate and respond. We are proud of our Governor, who has said earlier this year that "in Connecticut, we appreciate the immense value that immigrants bring to our communities. We have acted not only because it is the right thing to do but because we recognize that it makes us stronger". and so it is with deepest respect for Governor Malloy and his efforts on behalf of immigrants and refugees that I warmly welcome him here this morning. 


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