Kids’ Passover Crafts

Get your kids excited about Passover and start some new traditions with these fun crafts.

Build a Matzo House
Create a fun centerpiece for your Seder table by making a matzo house. Use a cardboard box to form the structure of the house. Melt chocolate and use it to cover the cardboard, and then attach pieces of matzo. Once the house is assembled, use kosher food items like dried fruit and chocolates to decorate, attaching them with the rest of the melted chocolate.

Decorate a Cup for Elijah
Each year, the Prophet Elijah is invited to the Seder meal, and a place set for him at the table. Make the setting extra special with a decorated wine glass.

Use an inexpensive plastic or glass cup to decorate. Kids can paint the cup or wrap colorful string around it, and finish it by gluing on sequins or beads.

Make an Afikoman Bag
This no-sew bag will get kids excited for the afikoman hunt during the Seder. Use a rectangular piece of felt, 11.5″ x 16″, and fold up the bottom half, leaving a piece at the top, like an envelope flap. Seal the edges with craft glue or a hot glue gun. Cut the remaining flap to form a “v” shape (see below). Kids can decorate using puffy paint, buttons and sequins.


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