Living Well, Living Long, Living Healthy!

Move often, eat mindfully, manage stress, and stay socially connected - a recipe that can lead to a longer and healthier life! Easier said than done for most as it may require a commitment to some level of change and change can be hard, but we can help.

Rooted in the understanding that health is not just about fitness, JCC’s LIVE WELL 360 is a bundle of private services and supportive treatment modalities to guide and assist you towards positive change and achieving overall wellness.

Under the guidance and direction of educated, experienced coaches and practitioners, motivated to assist and address aspects of health including emotional, mental, social, and physical fitness including:

  • Move Well: strength, cardio/respiratory, flexibility for safe and effective exercise
  • Function Well: core strength and stability training
  • Feel Well: corrective exercise, postural alignment therapies
  • Recover Well: therapeutic or relaxation massage
  • Eat Well: menu planning, behavioral change, fat loss, or detoxing

Wellness is about making choices. Simple choices that support sustainable change. As we live through these pandemic times with health much more of a priority, isn’t it time to start making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life?

For more information, contact Susan Donovan at 203 387-2424 ext 265 or email

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