Madrichim at Temple Emanuel

Imagine the look on a young child’s face, when they realize their teacher is one of the teens who used to help out in their classroom!
At Temple Emanuel in Orange they’re making that happen, specifically by partnering with teens that have completed three years of training in TE’s madrichim program. 
TE has always cherished their madrichim (special teens who assist classroom teachers); providing younger students with role models as they grow into Jewish young adults. TE is proud of watching them grow in the community and the excitement and energy they bring to the school, kids, parents and faculty. 
For the past three years, junior teachers have taught the Story Hour program. The laughter and learning and singing coming out of that room is contagious! Parents and children alike delight in the warmth and knowledge that these teens bring to the weekly, hour-long program.
This coming fall, Temple Emanuel will have five home-grown junior teachers and a music specialist on staff. What better way to show students and their families that teens want to stay connected and involved in their community? 
Recently madrichim reflected on their personal experiences in their new capacity at TE Hebrew School:
“I have been a madrichah at TE Hebrew School for 5 years. The most memorable part of this experience is seeing the group of students I had helped since 4th grade have Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, then come back to Hebrew School as the next generation of madrichim”. 
“I have been a madrichah since 2014. The most meaningful part of this experience is hearing what the preschoolers take away from our lessons and seeing them have fun…”
“In three years of being a madrichah at TE Hebrew School, the most influential experience is waking up every Sunday morning and seeing everyone. Sometimes I’m more excited to be here than the children, it’s worth it. Also, by coming to teach I’m furthering my own Jewish education.”
“The most valuable experience of the last 4 months is seeing a difference between being a student and a madrichah. I get to help our kindergarteners and it’s really enjoyable.”


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