Mazal Tov: Coveted Kavod Key Awarded to Deserving Recipients

At the annual meeting of the Jewish Federation, Foundation and JCC of Greater New Haven, longtime JCC member Soudi Bakhtiaria’s acceptance speech about her Kavod Key Society Award was filled with admiration, heartfelt praise and many “thank you’s” for her fellow JCC community members. “For those who do not know me” she began, “My name is Soudi Bakhtiari --also known as the Mayor of JCC, an Employee of JCC, a Resident of JCC and so many wonderful names given to me by my peers.”
Along with fellow Kavod Key recipient Marty Halprin, Bakhtiari, who admitted to being both surprised and honored about receiving this award also felt extremely privileged on being nominated by JCC Fitness Director Susan Donovan. Bakhtiari remarked, “I have been lucky to have met the greatest and kindest members, trainers, instructors and Staff at the JCC” adding, “I would like to share this reward with you, my friends”. She went on to thank and list numerous JCC committee, staff, board and personal family members by name, choosing the word “wonderful” throughout her speech to describe her deeply personal JCC experience. “I will do my best to keep doing my part along with my fellow JCC community members”, she stated, “to truly make this a wonderful and enjoyable environment to stay fit and an oasis away from the stresses of life; a place where all the tools are available to fine tune and cleanse the living machines that are our bodies.”
Describing the JCC as, “not only a great community center but it also my second home,” Bakhtiari concluded her speech with more high praise for “the greatest and kindest members, trainers, instructors and Staff at the JCC.”


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