Muslim Coalition of CT Stands with Jewish Community

The Jewish community is both heartened and strengthened by the beautiful words of support by the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut in their press release today. Their words echo the same tone we struck when we wrote a letter of support just recently to our Muslim brothers and sisters at the West Haven mosque who were the object of similar hate.

There is no room for intolerance, intimidation and persecution in our society, and as long as we stand united by our common values we will transcend this current abhorrent climate.

We thank them for their continued friendship and support. The press release is copied below:




(Bloomfield, 1/19/2017)

The Muslim Coalition of Connecticut condemns in the strongest possible terms the bomb threat made against the Jewish Community Centers in West Hartford and Woodbridge.

Whereas no bomb was found at the preschools at 335 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford and 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge, (Thank God) nevertheless, this act of hatred and mindset has no place in our society.

We offer our sincere sympathy and declare our solidarity to our Jewish Brothers and Sisters. We understand the nature of these threats can only cause fear, anxiety and confusion in the Jewish Community. We can relate to this kind of fear and assure our Jewish Brothers and Sisters that we stand with them in deflecting this repugnant behavior against them or any religious group. A threat to any religious group in our community is a threat to all groups.

We call upon the Police and investigating agencies for a swift apprehension of the perpetrator(s) and just punishment.

If the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact us.

# # #

The Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCCT), located in Bloomfield, CT is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote shared values of mutual respect and social responsibility through education and outreach activities. 


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