New Haven Mom Grateful for Camp Scholarship

Jayvon, 8, is a very happy camper since his experience last summer at the JCC Summer Camp program. Jayvon, who lives in New Haven, was able to attend camp, thanks to a generous scholarship provided by the Barry Vine Send a Kid to Camp Scholarship Fund.

His mother, Veronica, wrote a heartfelt letter of thanks recently to the JCC Summer Camp Committee. “Unfortunately, many moms these days struggle, living paycheck to paycheck, and currently, that is my reality,” she wrote. “However, I did not want the high cost of camp to be a deterrent of the type of high quality camp my son attended.”

Every morning, Jayvon woke up excited to attend camp and take part in the many activities offered. This put his mom at ease with having to leave him to go to work. “Jayvon’s excitement and love for the camp and friends he made gave me a sense of comfort, while at work, because I knew he was safe and happy at the JCC, “she admitted. “I felt like Jayvon was on vacation every day that he went to camp.” Veronica added that Jayvon also learned about Jewish culture and she sees how he respects traditions from other cultures, thanks to his JCC camp experience. “I am a native of New Haven and I have always heard wonderful things about the JCC,“ Veronica said, “but now, we consider ourselves a part of a family with a great history. All of the staff was fantastic and willing to work with us and they always had Jayvon’s best interest at heart.”

Veronica said the JCC is “truly a summer camp like no other,” and they are honored to be a part of the JCC family. Mother and son didn’t just come for camp and leave; they stayed at the campus and enjoyed the warm and welcoming family atmosphere at the Jewish Community Center.

“Before the fire, we would spend every Tuesday and Thursday evenings there,” Veronica said. “I would do Zumba, Jayvon would play with his friend, and then we would have dinner in the café and complete his homework assignments. I miss that.”

She offered a special thank you to all of the generous donors who made this scholarship possible for her son. “My son would never have been able to attend camp if it was not for the assistance I received through these awesome scholarships,” she said. “The words ‘thank you’ do not seem like enough to say to share our gratitude.” 


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