New Jewish Holiday Calendar Bridges Jewish Community and Secular Schools

by Talya Hyman

Shalom New Haven Intern 

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), the public affairs arm of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, has created a five-year calendar of major Jewish holidays. The calendar is designed to encourage public awareness of religious Jewish observances, especially within nonreligious public schools. The goal is for these schools to avoid the scheduling of special academic events, such as examinations, ceremonies, meetings and field trips on the same dates as significant Jewish holidays and observances.

The Jewish holidays are laid out in a hard-copy pamphlet for the 2019-2024 calendar years, allowing for a complete and clear view of all relevant dates. The calendar also provides succinct descriptions of the holidays and their significance to Jewish practice.  

Additionally, the most widely observed holidays and days on which most Jewish students and faculty will be absent are clearly indicated with asterisks.  

Through the usage of the holiday calendar, secular schools will become better equipped in catering to the practices of its Jewish population, thereby creating and ultimately promoting a greater sense of respect, sensitivity, and inclusion.

JCRC’s mission is to represent the Jewish community’s interests and concerns to public officials and agencies, the media and the community at large. It promotes tikkun olam, the repair of the world, through advocacy and civil action, and fosters relationships among people of all faiths and cultures. 

To ensure that a calendar is made available to your child’s school, contact JCRC Director Eliraz Shifman Berman at (203) 387-2424 x308 or  


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