Or Shalom Hebrew School: Looking Back with Extra Pride

“Covid-19 posed a huge challenge to Jewish Education this year,” said Mara Saccente, Education Chairperson of Congregation Or Shalom’s Hebrew School, at the school’s closing ceremony. “But Hebrew schools across the country have risen to the challenge with remarkable ingenuity, using Zoom video-conferencing.

And some schools, like our own, went the ‘extra mile,” she added.“For even in the midst of the pandemic we found ways of safely offering weekly in-person Jewish education to those families who were interested.”

Rachel Steigleder, Synagogue Administrator, explained: “Whenever possible, we added outdoor events – observing CDC protocols, of course - such as Jewish Environmental Education, a Sukkot BBQ, socially distanced Israeli Dance, and even outdoor Tefillah!”

Rabbi Alvin Wainhaus, spiritual leader of Congregation Or Shalom, added: “Ours and Congregation B’nai Jacob’s schools merged several years ago as “YAHAD Religious School”; yet, for those families who felt comfortable with safe in-person instruction, we found ways to make it happen. And after all, isn’t that how Judaism has survived? We’ve always tried to find a way! Next year, naturally, our school year will be a more ‘normal’ one with the return of our great YAHAD curriculum; yet, we look back at the past year with extra pride!”

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