PJ Library National Children's Book Week

PJ Library books and other picture books are a great way to celebrate this week and engage your children in discussing the great lessons inherent in all of these books!

SUNDAY, APRIL 30 As Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Israel’s Yom Hazikaron are observed, “Sammy’s Spider’s First Trip to Israel” is a fitting choice. The book by Sylvia Rous, illustrated by Katherine Jaunus Kahn, for children ages 3-4, is from the Sammy Spider series. Sammy gets a tour of Israel. Josh – who Sammy secretly accompanies in each book of the series, offers the spider a full sensory view and feel of Israel from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to a Kibbutz and the Dead Sea.

MONDAY, MAY 1 “Family Ties,” by Shoshana Banana. This sweet introduction offers children a glimpse of the world and the stories that can come home from our travels. Enjoy the book and decorate your own tie with your family theme or origins! Also see her in person May 21 at RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison.

TUESDAY, MAY 2 “Bear Feels Sick,” by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman, for ages 3-4, offers us a lovely lesson about taking care of our friends & family when sick.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 “Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup,” by Pamela Mayer, illustrated by Deborah Melmon, for ages 6-7, is about Sophie whose grandmas are from two different cultures. They each make their own kind of chicken soup -- and each soup is delicious!

THURSDAY, MAY 4 “Gabriel’s Horn,” by Eric Kimmel, illustrated by Maria
Surducan, for children ages 7-8, is story about a stranger who appears unexpectedly at Gabriel’s house and he gives him an odd gift -- an old horn. But as Gabriel and his family take care of it and good luck seems to follow.

FRIDAY, MAY 5 “Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam,” adapted by Fawzia Ginani-Williams, illustrated by Chiara Fedele, for children ages 6-7, discusses the different cultures of Israel so that we can teach children to make special efforts to get to know families with different backgrounds.

SATURDAY/SHABBAT MAY 6 “A Hat for Mrs. Goldman,” by Michelle Edwards, illustrated by G. Brian Karas, for children ages 5-6, is a lovely intergenerational story. Since Mrs. Goldman is always knitting for everyone else in the neighborhood, her young neighbor Sophie helps her out by making pom-poms. But one day Sophie decides she wants to go beyond pom-poms and knit something for Mrs. Goldman too. Who knew knitting could be so tricky? But Sophie gets an idea that ends up with a one-of-a-kind hat for her friend.


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