PJ Library: Passover Ideas for Kids

Passover Lunch

While there are plenty of gorgeous, kid-approved dinner ideas for Passover available online, and breakfast ideas a-plenty, lunch plans are a little harder to come by. Most of the ones we looked at just read: "leftovers" or "matzah-sandwich" over and over.

PJ Library surveyed parents on their staff and who run local PJ Library programs about their tried-and true-Passover lunch ideas and came up with this list of nine crowd-pleasers. You'll find main dish ideas that travel well and can be packed for school or lunch on the go, plus a list of snacks to round out your meal.

Learn how to make cauliflower pizza, passover rolls and popovers, soups, mini kugels, deli rollups, cheesy potato pancakes, lettuce-wrapped burgers, cucumber cups, ratatouille and casseroles, and snacks at pjlibrary.org/beyond-books/pjblog/march-2017/9-passover-lunch-ideas-for-kids.

How to Make Your Own Seder Plate


  • Large paper plate
  • 6 mini cupcake liners
  • Glue
  • Markers


  • Glue the cupcake liners around the edge of the paper plate.
  • Use the markers to label each liner with the name of one of the seder plate items, and add colorful drawings around the rest of the plate (this is a celebration, after all).
  • Fill the plate with the seder items.
  • Display proudly at your family’s seder.

Source: pjlibrary.org/beyond-books/pjblog/february-2019/how-to-make-your-own-seder-plate

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