PJ Library: Things to Do With Dad on Father's Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, as is summertime! Here are some great ways to make dad feel special on his day (or any day) while keeping little hands engaged and learning.


Gather the family together for a walk outside. Take note of plants, trees, insects and other interesting things you see on your walk. Collect dandelions, pinecones and leaves in a bag. When you're done with your walk, you can turn your collections into art for dad. Try making dandelion paintings or printing with leaves.


Sure, this sounds like a chore, rather than an activity--but stay with us. Kids can help dad with some better-late-than-never spring cleaning and turn some of his castoffs into cool household items or gifts.

Give new life to some of dad's old ties by turning them into wearable art. Handprint ties are a fun, messy, hands-on, way of creating something new from something old. Kids can also help dad clean out his closet and collect old tshirts that can be turned into pillows, a quilt, or reusable grocery bags.


Create a special breakfast together or work up a sweat with some chores, eat some popsicles to cool off, and then use the left over sticks to make a key holder for dad's keys, ID and pocket change.


Recycle old milk bottles into a backyard bowling set, set up a DIY outdoor movie screen, or turn a stump into an outdoor tic tac toe game.


Give each kid their own bucket, grab some sponges and cloths, and have at it. Not only is car washing fun and physical, but it's also productive. Feel free to sidetrack that productivity by tossing a bubble wand or two in with the soap buckets.

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Have you ever wondered, 'What's Jewish about Father's Day?' Read Rabbi Brad Hirschfield's "Father's
Day, It's a Mitzvah!" (thejewishweek.com/editorial_opinion/opinion/fathers_day_its_mitzvah) to learn more.

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