Introducing PJ Our Way

PJ Library® programming for kids ages 9-12 now available in the greater New Haven community with expansion of PJ Our Way

The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven is excited to announce that we are expanding our PJ Library program by adding PJ Our Way, a new chapter of PJ Library for kids ages 9-12,  available in our community.

Building on the success of PJ Library, which gives the gift of Jewish children’s books each month to more than 750 children in the greater New Haven community and 234,102 children in North America, PJ Our Way allows participants to select one of four books every month, giving them more choice on their journey toward being life-long readers while introducing them to Jewish ideas.

PJ Our Way books are provided at no cost to families because of generous contributions from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and PJ Alliance funders.

“We believe these stories and their values help shape young people in their understanding of being Jewish, and it’s our hope that PJ Our Way will ultimately build a strong community of young Jewish people,” said Harold Grinspoon, Founder of PJ Library and PJ Our Way.

As part of the program, PJ Our Way participants can create book trailers, videos, quizzes, author interviews, and other media to communicate with peers about the books. The PJ Our Way website provides these new avenues for discussion.

The PJ Our Way program is supported by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation based in Agawam, MA. Sign-up at



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