Recognizing Our Outstanding Community Members: 2019-20 Kavod Key Recipients

Kavod means “honor” in Hebrew. Now in its 85th year, the Kavod Society is reserved for volunteers who have given outstanding service to the JCC. Volunteers are JCC members and must have performed their service to the agency for at least three years. Some of our most outstanding communal leaders have been recipients of the Kavod Key as well as some of the quietest and most effective volunteers.

Congratulations to 2019-20 recipients Paul Portnoy, Evan Wyner and Shannon Lane.


Portnoy has served on the JCC Board for six years. For the past four years, he has served as Treasurer. In that role, he also sits on the Finance Committee of the Jewish Federation. In addition to helping to develop JCC budgets and represent their use at the Finance Committee, Portnoy has been an invaluable advisor on banking issues. A key lay leader during the reopening of the JCC after the fire, he is currently serving on the Steering Committee for the JCC Reentry and chairs the Finance section of the overall committee. Portnoy is an avid fitness user and spinner as well as a volunteer.



Wyner was one of the founding lay leaders who relaunched Jewish Teen Education in partnership with the Federation’s Jewish Education initiative four years ago. For the past two years, he has chaired the Facilities and Security Committee of the JCC. Wyner is currently serving on the Reentry Steering Committee and is chairing the subcommittee on Procedures and Safety.

He has also volunteered as security for many JCC programs, including Touch A Truck and the Murray Lender 5K Bagel Run. More than just showing up during the day of the event, he is involved in the detailed planning of event security and logistics. Wyner has been a key advisor on building issues and part of the JCC reopening after the fire, helping to liaison with the construction manager. Wyner is an avid user of the JCC swimming pool.



Lane is currently serving her third year on the JCC Board of Directors. She has served as a chair of the Beverly Levy Steering Committee for the past three years and as part of the camp committee for the last two.

Lane has also served for two years on the Safety and Security Committee. Since the COVID-19-related closing, she has played a vital role with communications with Beverly Levy parents. Lane serves on the Reentry Steering Committee and sits on three of its subcommittees, making vital contributions to the Camp, Beverly Levy, and the Procedures and Safety Committee. She has also volunteered to co-chair a group for youth program planning. Lane is a willing volunteer during events. She and her family are active consumers of many programs, including camp, early childhood programming, family events, fitness and the JCC co-working space.

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