Say YES to a Brighter FUTURE

A day before we shut down due to COVID-19, the JCC was buzzing and bustling with activity. The MakerSpace; the Rothberg Family Climbing Wall; the Cube; Cafe 360; the new Spa at the J; the Hoos Family Art Gallery; and the tried-and-true aquatics, fitness, and sports and recreation programs all drove JCC membership to record-high numbers. While a significant portion of the JCC membership was lost during COVID-19, the JCC has been able to cross the chasm and start seeing the hopeful buds of the post-pandemic spring. And while the JCC still implements the strictest guidelines and recommendations in disease prevention, an upward trend is starting to be seen. As more and more community members get vaccinated and the weather warms up, additional spaces and activities begin to open and more members—old and new—are joining every week. Read on to see what’s new at the JCC and what’s up and coming as we’re ramping up for a brighter tomorrow.

Say YES to the Future. This spring, the JCC is saying yes to more of what our community loves. We are implementing some changes that will increase the focus on some key areas that are important for our members and our future growth. Curious?

Say YES to What’s Next The JCC is ramping up for the post-pandemic era, which calls for more flexibility, the breaking down of silos, and seamless transitions between on-site and online services. The world is more dynamic than ever and the JCC must foresee, adapt and leverage the opportunities that will generate growth and increase our ability to serve our members. We created the role of JCC Assistant Director, which we announce on the next page. This new structure will allow JCC Executive Director Scott Cohen to focus more on growth and new initiatives, like the ability to expand programs and services for people of all

Say YES to Options. While we all can’t wait to put the pandemic behind us, everyone has something that they’re going to preserve moving forward. At the JCC, continuation of digital services and offerings is one example. Pandemic or not, everyone appreciates the option to exercise from home from time to time, or take their favorite group exercise class while traveling out of town. Susan Donovan’s new role as Group and Virtual Exercise Manager will help facilitate just that. Susan will continue to oversee Group Exercise—offline and online—as well as services offered at Spa at the J. And before you ask, yes, the spa is open! Some restrictions do apply so please make sure to check the website at to find out more. 

Say YES to More. There is so much that’s offered with a standard JCC membership, and yet for those who ask for more, Jessica Scott will deliver. As the new Manager of Personal Training (congrats, Jess!), she is already hard at work planning personal training in a hybrid world that will include both in-person and digital services. What’s more, JCC members will be able to buy reduced-priced, integrated packages that include both pilates reformer and strength training, as an example. There is more! JCC members will be able to invite their friends to outdoor monthly pop-up fitness classes with leading JCC trainers, for a small guest fee. Ready, set, say YES to more in personal training at the JCC.

Say YES to Great Experiences. If you came to the fitness floor during the pandemic and admired the cleanliness and great customer service, you experienced Terri’s touch. JCC’s new Fitness Center Operational Manager Terri Tully (congrats Terri!) will supervise the floor staff and ensure equipment is running smoothly, everything is up to the JCC highest standard of cleanliness and safety, and that JCC members have the best experience. 

Say YES to Trying Something New. Feel like it’s time to try something new? Perhaps you’ve been coming to the JCC for a game but never tried the fitness area, or, you are an avid runner who wants to try the more social experience of sports when it’s safe to do so? Why shouldn’t you? Alex Lagase’s new role as JCC Sports and Recreation Coordinator is designed to make that bridge. He will help facilitate programs that cross-pollinate and encourage more people to try something new across the hall! Congratulations on your new role, Alex!  

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