SCHA Students Celebrate a Dual-Language Thanksgiving

Elementary students at the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy celebrated Thanksgiving by learning about both the American and Jewish  traditions of giving thanks.   Mrs. Pacileo's fifth graders performed a play entitled "The First Thanksgiving"  depiciting the experiences of the Pilgrims that eventually established the American Thanksgiving holiday and traditions.   Right afterwards,  the sixth grade performed a Hebrew musical entitled "Todah",  depicting the Jewish approach to thankfulness in a modern world.  Close to 100 parents and grandparents joined the festivities,  which also included preschool presentations and a grand Thanksgiving feast prepared by the students.


Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy is celebrating 70 years of Jewish education in the Greater New Haven community and continues to provide stellar academics and Judaic studies for students in preschool through High School.   For more information,  visit or call 203-795-5261


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