STARTUP Through STEAM Offered at SCHA

SCHA to launch the first new educational project in North America, combining Lego robotics and STARTUP for its K-6 students!

Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy introduces a brand-new startup program for the 2019-20 school year: "STARTUP through STEAM." This innovative program is a joint venture with I-brick LEGO and Israeli Academy for Gifted Youth.

During the school year, the students will learn by building their own Lego models to become engineers, mnarketers, and problem solvers. "STARTUP through STEAM" brings science, technology, engineering, art and math into the next generation by enabling students to put abstract scientific concepts into practice. From having an amazing creative idea to designing a model and understanding its operation, to budgeting and starting a company, this educational program promises to be a unique transformative experience that will spark the students' imagination, equip them with skills in analytical thinking, and have the potential to lead to a productive business career.

SCHA's mission is to provide an outstanding Judaic and secular education to its diverse community of Jewish children. The school aims to foster the individual growth of each child and empower its students to become active learners, respectful and responsible citizens, and independent thinkers. SCHA prides itself in the thousands of graduates, worldwide, who have benefited from a cirriculum that integrates traditional Jewish learning with a strong emphasis on science and liberal arts. The alumni's years at SCHA laid the foundation for their diverse positions and leadership roles in their respective communities and in the world at large. 

As SCHA celebrates its 75th "Jubliee" year, the school continues to offer intellectual development at its best through the rich heritage of Jewish learning, coupled with cutting-edge general studies in an environment of traditional values and respect, and now with the addition of the new "STARTUP through STEAM" program, students will learn the slkills to become entrepreneurs as well!

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