State Security Grant Available to the JCC

State security grants are now available for JCC preschools to the tune of $1 million in matching funds, based on need. CT Senate Bill 1014, which passed in late June of 2017, extends eligibility to private schools and to licensed childcare centers and preschools that have received security threats.  

“The inclusion of JCC preschools in the grant is critical in light of the need for increased security in our institutions”, said Judy Alperin, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven “This achievement reflects the excellent advocacy work done by our Jewish Community Relations Council and the Jewish Federation Association of Connecticut, as well as the genuine concern that public officials like Senator Gayle Slossberg have for the Jewish community “. 

The JCC of Greater New Haven with its Yeladim Early Learning Center was among Jewish institutions that received hoaxed threats this past winter, forcing the evacuation of children and staff and threatening to erode the sense of security that the JCC strives to provide to its members and guests.  

Leaders of catholic private schools who are usually prompt in applying for state grants as they become available for nonpublic schools already expressed that they will give the right of way to Jewish institutions, as they seem to have the greater need with the increase in antisemitic acts in the United States.

“The deadline was extended to June 30, 2018 but since it is rolling decisions we already started working with state officials on the details of submitting a strong proposal for our Jewish Community Campus  and Yeladim Early Learning Center by August 1,” says Scott Cohen, Executive Director of the JCC of Greater New Haven.


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