Statement of solidarity – Vandalism attack on St. Joseph’s Church

Together, the New Haven Board of Rabbis and Cantors, the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven and its Jewish Community Relations Council, condemn in the strongest possible terms the hateful act of vandalism on the doors of St. Joseph’s Church of New Haven. We stand in solidarity with our Catholic brothers and sisters at St. Joseph’s Church in the Parish of St. Mary of New Haven, and the Catholic community at large.

We understand how it feels to be a target of hate and we stand firmly with the Catholic community.

As people that have suffered from hate, intolerance and violence throughout our history, we will not stay silent watching other places of worship and religious communities attacked. An attack on the Catholic community is an attack on us all.

The Jewish community is alarmed by the increasing attacks against places of worship throughout America and the entire world.  The State of Connecticut has approved $5 million in state bonds to fund security infrastructure upgrades at Connecticut's houses of worship, however the monies have yet to be appropriated.  We urge the state to act immediately to release this critical funding. 

Let us stand together as we continue to denounce hate and violence in all its forms as we pray for peace, unity and understanding here in New Haven and around the globe.


Jeffery Hoos

President, Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven


Judith Alperin

CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven


Betty and Arthur Levy

Co-chairs, Jewish Community Relation Council (JCRC) Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven


Rabbi Michael Farbman

Chair, New Haven Board of Rabbis and Cantors



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The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven is a non-profit organization that aims to lead, build, strengthen, and renew a dynamic local Jewish community. We provide support and caring for Jewish people in our community, Israel and worldwide, as well as to people in need in the Greater New Haven community at large. We are guided by the traditional Jewish values of Torah (tradition, learning and deeds), Tikkun Olam (improving the condition of our world), Tzedakah (philanthropy and acts of loving kindness), and k’lal Yisrael (Jewish peoplehood).

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