STRENGTHENING THE SHIELD: Celebrating $1 Million for Jewish Security

The Arthur Eder Family Fund of the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven is dedicated to safeguarding the Greater New Haven Jewish Community by granting Security Funds to local Jewish institutions. Since 2019, this Fund has provided grants totaling over $1 million to 25 synagogues, Chabad centers, schools, and camps. These grants were awarded in memory of Arthur and Yvette Eder. 

Now, in its fifth year, the Security Grant initiative faces its most critical moment yet, driven by the ongoing Israel-Hamas War, and an alarming and unprecedented surge in antisemitism. While the safety of the Greater New Haven Jewish Community has always been a priority for the Jewish Foundation, it is now at its most critical.

Grant monies have been used towards security infrastructure improvements such as cameras, alarm systems, reinforced doors, bullet proofing glass, armed guards, among other security measures. One notable recipient was the JCC’s Beckerman/Lender Community Building, which hosts 20,000 visitors each month. With this funding, the JCC has implemented state-of-the-art security protocols; an inviting welcome desk with intruder-resistant glass, integrated card scanners, and other undisclosed measures. "With the Jewish Foundation’s grant, we have not only enhanced physical security but also created an environment where individuals can feel at ease,” said JCC Executive Director, Scott Cohen. “These funds allow us to focus on the well-being of our members, as a place for all to engage, connect, and flourish."

Temple Beth Sholom, Hamden, has received numerous grants over the past four years. “The grants’ support played a pivotal role in our ability to swiftly enhance security measures. Our congregants now experience a heightened sense of safety and security with visible guards during services, events, and Hebrew School. This not only bolsters our physical security but fosters a stronger sense of community and trust among our members," said Temple Beth Sholom’s Safety & Security Chairperson, Morrow Long, and Lauren Piscitelle, President.

These grants have enabled the community to work together as a united front. "This grant initiative highlights the incredible things that can be achieved when we work together,” said Lisa Stanger, Executive Director, Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven. “It strengthens the Jewish union, secures an environment that keeps the Greater New Haven community safe, and positively impacts the lives of all.”

The dedication of the Arthur Eder Family Fund to enhancing security measures doesn’t stop here. They continue to support various Jewish institutions, ensuring the safety and well-being of the entire community. With applications for the fifth year available online, the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven remains resolute in their commitment to this ongoing mission of Safety and Security for all. Local Jewish Institutions are highly encouraged to apply at: The 2024 Grant Cycle will remain open until August 31, 2024.


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