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Presenter Information & FAQ

Session Proposal Deadline: January 12, 2020 11:59 PM

2020 Dates At a Glance

January 12: Deadline for proposals

January 31th-February 3rd: Presenters notified about presentation acceptance by this date

February 3rd- February 5th: Presenter registration deadline

 Festival Date: Sunday Afternoon, March 29, 2020



We’re happy you’ve landed at the Presenter Information and FAQs for Taste of Limmud New Haven! We welcome all topics and all ways of learning and growing! A brief introduction and then you’ll be on your way.

We offer and invite Jewish Learning, Community, Diversity, and Volunteerism

Limmud is a volunteer-run learning festival that brings together all parts of the Jewish community for learning in all its variety. Limmud in Hebrew means ‘learning’. Taste of Limmud New Haven is among over 90 Limmud events in over 42 countries that are based on the model developed by the UK “flagship” Limmud Festival. Limmud is based on a shared set of “values” that inform how we want to bring the community together around Jewish learning. 

You may make a proposal on any topic you’re passionate about and want to share with others that touches on any aspect of the Jewish community or experience. See FAQ (below) for more details.

To make a proposal click here or scroll down.



  • Make your session title snappy--you want to grab the reader's attention in the very few minutes between sessions.
  • Please keep proposals and bios to 300 characters, including spaces.
  • Head shot photos should be uploaded to the Proposal From
  • Music demos may be uploaded to the Proposal Form as well.  
  • Don't forget to enter an "ENCORE!"  An "encore" is a website, blog, or other link to where one can find additional information on your topic. 

Please note the following:

- Every presenter is encouraged to attend other sessions, with all volunteers and others

- Proposals can be submitted until January 12, 2020. There may be fewer presenter spots open closer to that date.

- Expect to hear from Taste of Limmud New Haven about your proposal by January 24. You will then have until January 31st (about a week) to finalize the details of your presentation if it is accepted. Again, you must complete your registration in order to be included in the final Taste of Limmud New Haven program.

- All event volunteers and presenters are asked to donate a discounted fee when registering for Taste of Limmud New Haven.

- Consider the Limmud Values at the link here, in shaping your presentation!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does Taste of Limmud New Haven work?

A: Multiple 45 minutes sessions are offered simultaneously throughout the afternoon. Presenters are encouraged to attend other sessions.



Q: When and where is 'Taste of Limmud New Haven'?

A: Taste of Limmud New Haven will be held Sunday afternoon, March 29, 2020 at the JCC.


Q: How do I propose a session for Taste of Limmud New Haven?

A: Complete this form by January 12 for our Program Team to review.


Q: What topics may I cover?


A: Share your knowledge and passions! As long as there is a reasonable Jewish connection to your presentation, the sky's the limit.


Q: Is there a required format?


Engage your participants! Consider hands-on and participatory sessions and groups or panels. Taste of Limmud New Haven attracts a diverse audience with Jews from across religious, political, ethnic, educational and demographic associations.


Q: May I include other presenters?


A: Absolutely! Invite others to join you in presenting multiple points of view. Let us know in your proposal form how many people you intend to have join you. All presenters in your session need to register for the conference within 7 days of session acceptance.


Q: How does the Program Team select proposals?


A: We make decisions in order to create a balanced and diverse program. We are lucky to have such a vivid community and have more proposals than spots. Unfortunately that means that we cannot guarantee that all proposals will be accepted. Even if your proposal was not accepted this year, we encourage you to come and celebrate with us at the Taste of Limmud New Haven and will be happy to hear back from you next year!



Q: May I propose more than one session?


A: Yes! In order to offer as many different speakers as possible, the Program Team usually accepts only one session per presenter.


Q: When will I know if my proposal has been accepted, or not?


A: Applicants will be notified as early as possible. We aim to notify between January 31- February 3rd. 


Q: How many participants can I expect in my session? How many handouts should I prepare?


A: Participation varies. Presenters usually bring 20-25 copies for an average session.


Q: Technology in my session?


A: Please know your own technology. Taste of Limmud New Haven has a limited number of projectors available. Presenters must bring their own laptops and connecting cords. Internet access is not guaranteed. If you want to use something from the Internet, be sure to download it onto your system.


Q: What AV and other equipment will be available?


A: Most of the session rooms do not have podiums or easels. Some have white boards, but you should indicate on your application that you need a white board. Microphones are limited, so please indicate if you need one.


Q: Do I have to pay to attend Taste of Limmud New Haven?


A: We ask every volunteer, including presenters, to donate the discounted registration fee. Like Limmuds worldwide, all participants and all volunteers REGISTER* and pay to attend the conference in order to demonstrate the Limmud value of acquiring Jewish education. Taste of Limmud New Haven, like other Limmud conferences worldwide, is volunteer-driven. Many people give considerable amounts of time to creating the conference, whether presenting, organizing, cleaning up or generally helping. Special arrangements can be made for people who cannot afford to attend. Please write to Limmud@jewishnewhaven.org and include contact information if requesting financial assistance.

*Registration form will be open soon.


Q: May I sell my books, CDs, art, etc. at Taste of Limmud New Haven?


A: YES! Presenters are encouraged to sell books and materials at Taste of Limmud New Haven. You may NOT sell during your session. There will be an author’s tables at the hall. If you wish to sell your materials please mention it in your proposal. Taste of Limmud New Haven is not responsible for selling or watching over your products.


Q: I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. What do I do?


A: If you have questions about presenting, email our Program Team at Limmud@jewishnewhaven.org



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