Thank You for Impacting Jewish Education

The challenge of passing along Jewish connection and commitment to the next generation has become one of the most important concerns of the American Jewish community. The more opportunities we can create for Jewish education—both formal and informal—the more seeds we can plant to ensure Jewish continuity. Jewish day schools provide students and their families with rich experiences that build Jewish identity, knowledge, and skills—all of which can then pass on from one generation to the next. Jewish day school is not an option for every family but summer is an excellent opportunity for formative Jewish educational experiences.


Attending a Jewish camp or a Jewish day school helps build Jewish identity, community and leadership. A study on the impact of Jewish camping found that adults who attended Jewish overnight camp are 30 percent more likely to donate to a Jewish Federation and 37 percent more likely to light candles regularly for Shabbat. They are 45 percent more likely to attend synagogue at least once a month and 55 percent more likely to feel very emotionally attached to Israel. Investing in formal and informal Jewish educational opportunities for children is securing our future.

"The COVID 19 crisis has presented us with a unique challenge, one that has required us to completely rethink our facilities in order to allow us to open for in-person learning while keeping our students and staff safe and healthy. We appreciate and thank our partner, the Jewish Federation, for providing financial assistance, helping us meet the challenge head-on. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our Jewish community hand in hand with our friends at the Jewish Federation. Shannah Tovah!”

-Rabbi Baruch Kaplan, Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy


Through its participation in the One Happy Camper program, the Jewish Foundation provides 1.needs-blind incentive grants for first-time campers to Jewish overnight camp as well as 2. Needs-based aid for first-time and returning campers to Jewish overnight camp.

“Jewish camp can be a life-changing experience for Jewish children; it certainly can be a major building block in their Jewish identity. The Jewish Federation and the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven have been an invaluable partner to us, raising awareness for Jewish camp and supporting us financially. In the next year, we plan to expand our services and become a year-round agency. We know we can take this new path with confidence because of our continued partnership with the Jewish Federation.”

-Dr. Ryan Loss, Camp Laurelwood President

In Greater New Haven, 247 students participated in Jewish Day Schools and 258 campers participated in the JCC Day Camps. Unfortunately, many overnight camps didn’t open this year due to the Coronavirus so participation was very low. Support of the Jewish Federation Annual Campaign, and endowment and legacy gifts through the Jewish Foundation lower the cost of tuition and ultimately supports Jewish day schools and camps.

"The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven provides generous support and continued encouragement to Ezra Academy. With funding advice, web hosting, and more, Ezra Academy has a fantastic partner in the Federation."

-Julie Katz, president, Ezra Academy Board of Directors

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