The Spa at the J Offers Variety of Massage Therapies, Skin Care

by Tara Aksoy, LMT
Spa at the J Services Manager

We are pleased to announce that the opening of The Spa at the J has arrived! With lovely final touches, the treatment rooms are ready.

Our staff is well-seasoned, licensed and highly skilled in multiple modalities to assist each client in their journey to wellness.

Our list of treatment modalities is diverse, ranging from your most relaxing to the deepest of therapeutic pressures. Pre-natal, Oncology, Thai specialties, along with the popular hot stone and aromatherapy massage, are available.

Our staff is comprised of seven massage therapists and two aestheticians, each bringing their unique skill to provide the highest l evel of service.

Skin care is a new service on our menu. With all of the changes in our environment, we felt that providing treatments for the largest organ of the body was important. Our aestheticians can assist you in not only looking younger and healthier but also keeping your skin safe from all the harmful contaminants that we “face” daily.

The benefits of therapeutic massage therapy are profound especially as the world around us becomes more stressed, aggressive and anxiety-ridden. Many companies are beginning to adopt therapeutic massage therapy in their own organizations and are actively encouraging their employees to have ongoing treatments.

The most common way people utilize massage is for stress management. Massage quiets the nervous system, allowing us to forge ahead with all of our responsibilities, but this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits.

Massage continues to be a proven treatment protocol for so many other health and wellness concerns including:

● Health maintenance and/or health promotion

● Post-operative care

● Emotional and/or psychological disorders

● Terminal illness

● Chronic pain

● Care of the disabled

● Pre and/or post-event sports’ participation

The common thread through all of these is healthy human touch. In a society that is becoming increasingly connected through technology but more disconnected on an interpersonal level, our human systems crave and thrive to receive a healthy touch.


Call our Spa Concierge desk to schedule an appointment at (203) 387-2424 x444. For further questions, email us at or go to to learn more about our services and specialists.


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