Three Teens Granted Scholarships for Summer in Israel

The Jewish Foundation wishes mazel tov to our Israel Experience Scholarship recipients, each of whom received a scholarship from the Jewish Foundation to attend a summer program in Israel:
• Sophia Bruce for Habonim 
D’ror-Machaneh Bonim Israel program
• Mia Sandberg for Dor L’Dor-Camp Pembroke, Cohen Camps program 
• Mia Tougas for NFTY Adventure Israel program
Four students were also awarded scholarships for Israel Gap year programs. The Israel Experience scholarships are made possible through the generosity of the following funds at the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven: Bloch Family Fund for Israel Travel by Congregation Or Shalom Youth, Esther Gold Milikowsky-Copelon Fund in memory of Matthew Milikowsky for Teen Travel to Israel, Arthur Spiegel Israel Scholarship Fund, Lawrence & Florence Winer Israel Scholarship Fund and the Israel Endowment Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven. 
For more information on the Israel Experience Scholarship program as well as other scholarships through the Jewish Foundation, visit


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