Towers Welcomes a New Chef

Towers Welcomes a New Chef Morrison Healthcare Food Services teamed up with The Towers to transform and enhance their dining experience. Food is the focal point of a much wider experience that is educational and social. Morrison will bring food to life to enrich the lives of Towers seniors every day through many new initiatives. Such as a Teaching Kitchen that will bring residents together under the tutelage of executive chefs to learn the “how to’s” of preparing a dish, food history, health benefits and chef tips. Super-Foods of the Month, seasonally chosen, will provide an extra nutritional punch and educate on the power of food. Through the Heirloom Program, residents will share family recipes and histories with one another to be prepared for and shared with the entire community. A new display kitchen will dazzle the senses as guests enjoy the smells, sights and sounds of Towers’ chefs working their magic. With dining events that are current and fulfilling, everyone at The Towers can make wonderful emotional connections while enjoying tasty and healthy meals. 

Tim Smith, Regional Director of Operations for Morrison, explained that building strong relationships is what sets Morrison apart. He enjoys the fact that the company is forward thinking, delivering a dining program that is outside of the box, but with a traditional feel. Tim had plenty of praise for the team that will be serving the Towers community every day. Lou Roca, the Director of Dining Services, has been in the culinary field for 43 years, ten of them in Kosher dining. His food philosophy is to use fresh, whole unprocessed foods incorporating fresh spices and herbs. He shared, “I enjoy making people happy through a great dining experience and I’m looking forward to being a part of the Towers team.” Jon Lefebvre, Executive Chef, explained, “I always say that your eyes eat first, a mantra that started when I won my first culinary competition at 16. I am excited to bring this concept to the Towers dining program and look forward to preparing dishes that always look as good as they taste.” 

Adesh Singh, Dining Experience Supervisor, who helps residents enjoy meal times by ensuring that customer service is a top priority among the wait staff and chefs, completes the team. Adesh has been in the field for twelve years, much of it with seniors. 

The new dining team is also looking forward to working with the broader community and organizations who are invited to host Kosher meetings and events at The Towers. To learn more contact Jennifer Bayer, Director of Development and Community Relations, at (203) 772-1816 x290,

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