Tu B'Av

Sundown of July 23 to July 24 is the time for celebration, romance and dancing; also known as Tu B’Av. Tu B’Av is the Jewish holiday for love and dates back to ancient times.

The holiday was established during the Second Temple to mark the beginning of the grape harvest. It was also custom for women to dance in the vineyards wearing white dresses and the young men would watch and then choose their wife. Many couples decide to have their weddings on the date of Tu B’Av.

While the holiday is not as commercialized as Valentine’s Day it is still greatly celebrated within the Isreal society. Instead of buying chocolate, stuffed animals or going to a fancy dinner, Tu B’Av is celebrated with giving flowers to loved ones and having music and dance festivals.

Tu B’Av is a time to cherish your loved ones and show how much you appreciate them. So, grab your dancing shoes (maybe buy some flowers) and be ready to celebrate the ones you love.

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