Volunteers at The Towers at Tower Lane

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a re-imagination of volunteer service once again. Thanks to the hard work of Sarah Moskowitz and Healthy Living Coordinator Dean Tinari, The Towers at Tower Lane residents are getting newly delivered programming and volunteer services.
Currently, Towers volunteers are writing letters weekly and handmade cards. Local schools and synagogues have been donating arts and crafts supplies, puzzles, crossword puzzles, books and magazines. A brigade of volunteers, with the leadership and help of Doris Zelinsky and Linda Schultz, are making masks for employees and residents. Volunteers are also calling several residents weekly for friendly chats and social connection.
There are 26 “super volunteers” who are calling an entire floor of residents seven days a week between 10-11 a.m. to check in on them. They have been so critical to residents’ well-being in addition to helping The Towers team follow-up when someone needs more care and attention. They are forming deep relationships with the residents.
Director of Support Services Dawn Staton is grateful for the tirelessly working team supporting residents and their families. CEO/President Gustave Keach-Longo expresses his gratitude as well. “We are grateful to the entire community for showing us support during the pandemic. We appreciate the expertise, financial support, time and partnership that has been extended to us as we care for the community’s most vulnerable. With your continued support, we will stay strong, stay safe and stay connected,” he said.
To get involved and help The Towers, contact Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Moskowitz at (203) 772-1816, x410, or jennifer@towerone.org.

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