Wellness is the new fitness...Pass it on!

Wellness is a process in which we become aware and make choices that lead to a life experience that is happier and healthier, while enhancing personal development. But, after the recent years of pandemic—during which time physical, mental, and even emotional health have been challenged— is it time to start redefining our goals? With a new calendar year upon us, there is no better time to expand our focus and set goals to improve our lives that include yet go beyond the physical. With fitness still at the core of personal improvement, well-being and improved quality of life must include a variety of elements including:


Finding ways to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle with structured exercise or other movement-based activities or sports that you enjoy is the best approach—and do it regularly.


Learn to make choices that are good for your body and that you enjoy eating. Include good sources of protein and be mindful of your hunger/satisfaction cues.


The way these choices make you feel as opposed to how they make you look, the health benefits of feeling good in your skin and giving yourself needed rest and recovery.


Actively pursue your goals with attention, practice stress management techniques to keep cortisol levels down, and let all those endorphins released in your bloodstream from activities or exercise keep your mood up. Do not set yourself up for failure or disappointment by following socially prescribed standards through the lens in which beauty or fitness is often defined reflecting perfection or comparison with others. Get the help you need under the expert guidance of our Wellness Coaches and Personal Trainers at your JCC of Greater New Haven. And check out our new Live Well 360 bundle of private services to achieve your optimal lifestyle program. Wellness is indeed the new Fitness! 

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