What’s So Great About the Beverly Levy Early Learning Center?

Lots of things. Which is why young parents are signing up their little ones in record numbers. To be specific, enrollment at the JCC’s Beverly Levy Early Learning Center is up close to 50 percent. With its eight classrooms mostly full, the Center is planning to accommodate the rapid upswing in enrollment by opening several new classrooms — one for infants, another for toddlers, and a third for preschoolers. “There is a growing need for childcare especially for children under the age of three,” says Sarah Schryver, the Center’s director. “Some programs have opted only to accept preschool and pre-k especially with downsizing because of Covid related issues. We are lucky to receive many phone calls and availability check-ins because of our wonderful families who continue to share their experiences with others and give us rave reviews.”

• Low staff to student ratio, which allows for more one-on-one attention;
• Classrooms that are much larger than required, giving children room to move, explore and unwind;
• A Hebrew program for each age group created and taught by Rabbi Josh.
• An extra curricular specialist who puts together exciting and educational weekly programs, such as a music program for all ages, and swimming programs for our preschool and pre-kindergarten children.
• Low turnover rates among our cadre of highly experienced teachers.
• A state-of-the-art parent communication app that serves as an. important resource in helping us to focus on communication with families.

After all, we understand that parents entrust us with their most prized possessions each and every day and we understand the importance of keeping in touch! • A beautiful campus where students and staff alike love to use of the JCC campus for walks and extended outdoor time, which allow for nature-based learning experiences.

For more information about the Beverly Levy Early Learning Center, contact Sarah Schryver at sarahs@jccnh.org.

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