Why become a Camp Counselor?

Fun fact—Michael Eisner former CEO of Disney was a camp counselor in his teens and the experience had a huge impact on him and the skills and life lessons that he learned he carried with him throughout his career. He felt that being a camp counselor was the most valuable job that he ever had.

“Counselors help create our camp community. They set the loving, caring tone that turns worries into wonder and strangers into life-long friends. Counselors are parent figures, older siblings and role models, all rolled into one. They are problem-solvers, goal-setters and dream-makers – sometimes all at once. Their creativity, empathy and passion provide the seeds for each child’s summer of growth.” Michael Eisner

The impact for Eisner was so great that in 2005 his book “Camp” was published. In the book he declares summer camp as an “Invaluable national institutio

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