Your Campaign Dollars at Work - Tower One / Tower East

By Amy Holtz
Director of Development

Every Friday evening, The Towers dining room tables are set with white tablecloths and challah for everyone. Familiar aromas of matzo ball soup, brisket, and tzimmes fill the air as you enter for dinner. The distinctively comforting Jewish atmosphere caters to the spiritual needs and cultural preferences of Jewish residents, regardless of their level of observance. All meals served in the dining room are prepared in a certified kosher kitchen. On Fridays and Saturdays you will find several residents attending Shabbat services at The Towers synagogue. Every Jewish holiday is celebrated to the fullest, whether it’s a Hanukkah candle lighting, building a Sukkah in the courtyard with the BBYO teens, or joining friends and family for Passover Seders.

The Towers’ mission is “to provide persons of varying means with high quality living arrangements and services based on Jewish values and traditions.” Activities and programs that emphasize wellness and bring Jewish traditions to the forefront are everyday occurrences. The goal is to provide residents with the services they need to enjoy life, be independent and celebrate their Jewish roots. Residents are encouraged to embrace their faith. It is special when people are able to spend time with friends, old and new, who share common interests and beliefs.

Towers’ resident Izzy said, “I moved to The Towers knowing it is a Yiddishkeit community and fulfills my wants and needs.” Charlie, another resident commented, “It’s home.” Towers’ residents Bertha and Charlotte make sure the Kiddush cup is always ready for services, as well as for the Friday night Oneg and Saturday Kiddush.

Jewish Federation dollars help The Towers’ staff plan programs and offer services that may not otherwise be available without our support. According to the Torah, one of the greatest Mitzvot we can do is care for our community seniors, as there is no greater blessing to be bestowed on a person than to live a long life. Providing engaging, educational, social and purposeful programs with Federation dollars gives us all an opportunity to perform this Mitzvah. “Tower One was built on a foundation of Jewish values “ said Mark Garilli, President/CEO of Tower One/Tower East; “Because of the Federation and forward thinking lay leaders, The Towers will soon celebrate 50 years of senior living in the Jewish Tradition. Our goal is a simple one. Honor thy mother and father and support their independence with dignity and respect. Our residents choose their lifestyle and only through donated dollars can we play an active role in helping them achieve it. Federation allocations support Jewish life in every aspect from keeping kosher and holiday celebrations to spiritual leadership and pastoral care. Life enrichment takes us beyond housing with services filling our endearing community with love, laughter and life. There is no place quite like The Towers.”

Jewish programming at The Towers includes something for everyone. A weekly Yiddish group keeps residents laughing and sharing their favorite stories in Yiddish. “The Jewish Movie Series” always proves to be educational and entertaining. “Soul Stretching” is a discussion group where residents find a deeper connection with each other. There are always various lectures led by area rabbis and discussion groups about cultural observances with Jewish contributions to the world. Also scheduled are excursions to programs at the Slifka Center, JCC of Greater New Haven and various community Synagogues.

Support the Annual Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven and help to fund community-wide programming that aids people in need here at home, in Israel and around the world, as well as nurtures and sustains programs that enrich our Jewish community. From feeding the hungry to helping the unemployed, from supporting families with special needs to funding Jewish education and Israel experiences, the Jewish Federation is focused on addressing the most pressing issues facing our community every day.


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