American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) Aids Victims of Ongoing

August 11, 2008—In response to the escalation of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Georgia, JDC has instituted emergency measures to provide Jews trapped in the war zone with food, water, and medicine and assist those who relocated to safer areas either in Georgia or Russia. JDC, which assists 1500 elderly and 735 children at risk and their families in the region, is currently providing welfare and social services to over 300 elderly Jewish clients in Gori, Poti, and South Ossetia, the areas most affected by the fighting.

JDC has deployed additional staff and has been working with the local Jewish community to absorb and provide assistance to the estimated 100 Jewish refugees who left Gori for Tbilisi. A senior JDC staff person is directing the JDC rescue operation on the ground. Additional staff is now stationed in Vladikavkaz, which serves as an escape point from besieged South Ossetia. JDC’s 10-person team in the region is working to ensure there are no Jews left trapped in the war zone and render the much-needed initial aid.

Fighting in the region erupted late on August 7 when Georgia sent forces into South Ossetia, a small pro-Russian province which threw off Georgian rule in the 1990s. Russia responded by pouring troops and heavy armor into South Ossetia, where continuous ground battles have been fought mainly in the region’s capital, Tskhinvali. On August 9, Tskhinvali was taken over by Russia. The South Ossetia region remains completely isolated, without phone or other communications. On August 8 and 9, Russian planes bombed the Georgian cities of Gori and Poti. Borders to and from South Ossetia are currently completely blocked.

JDC today met with the Israeli Ambassador and the Jewish Agency for Israel on the ground in Tbilisi to share information about efforts in this region.

About American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
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