Sderot essay contest's compelling entries

I belatedly came across the Sderot Media Center's 'creative writing' project, which asked Sderot residents, young and old, to write about their lives. A handful of the entries (essays, poems & stories) are translated into English, as are videos of a few of the entrants.

Here's an excerpt from Tom Adam, an engaging 14-year-old girl, writing about the kassam that hit her home.

I know that this time it fell on my house, but I refuse to believe it. The broken glass, the light that went out suddenly, the acrid smoke, the dust that fills the air and therefore the lungs. I still hear the words my mother spoke at that moment: "This time it was in our home." Those words both kept and lost their usual meanings. I kept trying to believe it had not happened to us, but I knew it had. My mother ran to open a window; my sister simply stood still. We ran out doors to breathe the air.

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