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1.  Civilians evacuating have nowhere to go

While mentioning that Israel has dropped thousands of leaflets telling Gazan civilians to evacuate a certain part of Gaza, news reports claim that these civilians have nowhere left to go. This is untrue. The leaflets dropped by Israel give explicit instructions about where civilians can find a place nearby that is safe.

2.  The international community is against Israel

Leaders from around the world have reiterated that Israel has the right to defend itself. In addition, these leaders, like U.S. President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have condemned Hamas for its ceaseless rocket fire on Israeli civilians. Click here to read statements from these and other world leaders in support of Israel.

3.  The skewed casualty count shows that Israel’s response is disproportionate

The media has compared the Palestinian death toll and the Israeli death toll, often without reporting that the Palestinian death toll is high because of the deliberate actions taken by Hamas – which initiated the current rocket campaign against Israeli civilians and has refused repeated ceasefire proposals. Hamas, embracing an extremist ideology that glorifies martyrdom, intentionally places rocket launchers, missile stockpiles and other war material in civilian areas, putting civilians in harm’s way, a violation of international law. Hamas chose not to build any structures for civilians to use for protection (unlike Israel, which has built bomb shelters and other means of protection for its citizens) – but the terror group did build an elaborate tunnel network under Gaza that keeps terrorists and rockets safe – just not civilians.

4.  According to press photos and video, no Hamas fighters exist

Media reports have thousands of photos of the Israel Defense Forces, but no images of Hamas terrorists in Gaza (Hamas’s political director, though, can be seen working out from the comfort of his luxury hotel in Qatar).  This means that the only visuals of the conflict are the Israel Defense Forces, and Gazan civilians who are without protection thanks to Hamas.  Indeed, Hamas operatives are actually using an extensive network of tunnels beneath Gaza to avoid exposure to the media – and to the Israel Defense Forces.

5.  Israel is making life as difficult as possible for Gazan civilians

The news fails to mention several key facts about Israel’s compassionate conduct during the conflict. Despite Hamas’s unrelenting rocket attacks on Israel, the Jewish State still facilitates food and other aid through its border crossing with Gaza, still provides electricity to the region, and still provides urgent medical care to Palestinians.  In addition, Israel routinely provides advance warning of strikes on Hamas targets in civilian areas – and has agreed to and adhered to every humanitarian ceasefire during the conflict. Hamas urges civilians to ignore Israel’s airstrike warnings – and has rejected every ceasefire offer to date.

Date: 7/22/2014 -

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