The difference between a Hamas kassam and an Islamic Jihad kassam

Kids in Sderot take a yoga program designed to reduce stress caused by living in kassam range. Credit: Jonathan Levine/UJC
As part of its ongoing efforts to boost awareness of the crisis facing the people of Sderot and other towns on the Gaza perimeter, UJC and its partners JAFI and JDC recently brought editors from American Jewish newspapers to the region, where the journalists stayed with local families, took shelter during kassam strikes, and examined the programs that funding from North American Jewry sustains.

We'll post links to the coverage here so you can see what perspectives these journalists brought home with them.

First up is a podcast from Aaron Cohen, editor of Chicago's JUF News and one of the leading voices in the American Jewish media: Click here to listen.

A Grad missile fired from Gaza on May 14 wounded 15 Israelis when it slammed into a mall in Ashkelon. Credit: Jonathan Levine/UJC

While you're casting an eye on the JUF News, read this article from Chicagoan Jim Woldenberg, who was in Sderot on a taskforce at around the same time. Here's an excerpt from Jim's article --
"We went to the police station and met the guy who's job it is to clear away the rockets, saw the unbelievable stack of hundreds of rockets behind the police station, including the one that fell 2 days ago.  I got an education on the difference between an Islamic Jihad rocket (white or blue) and a Hamas rocket (red and green, plus different shaped fins).  Saw the Grad that landed in Askelon a few weeks ago (Grads fall straight down, which allows them to spread 200 yards from impact and kill more people)."

Comments from other Chicagoland visitors to Sderot are on the JUF News' blog here.

Click here to read about the latest UJC aid efforts via the Israel Emergency Campaign.

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