World ORT readies trauma counseling training, other long-term assistance

As a cease-fire takes place, World ORT is working on providing long-term rehabilitation for Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.  At the request of the local and national authorities, World ORT is preparing an intensive trauma counselling training for psychologists.  The groups will travel to Israel to attend a week-long course that will prepare them to work with children, parents and teachers affected by the conflict.  The participants will learn from leading Israeli psychologists and will be meeting with victims of war to evaluate first-hand the medium and long-term effects of a range of therapies and psychological techniques.   
World ORT's representative, David Benish, has been working side-by-side with the officials from the Israeli government, JDC and JAFI as well as authorities from both countries to provide immediate assistance.  As is always the case with World ORT, now that the forced conflict is hopefully coming to an end, there is a need to address the long-term effects of the situation.  There are thousands of displaced people, many are innocent children and women.  World ORT will do what we can to ensure that the teaching staff in schools are prepared to deal with students' fears and anxieties when the school year begins two weeks from now.

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