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Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil


Dear Friends,


This speech was given on Friday, June 19th, before Shabbat at a prayer vigil at Varick Memorial AME Church in Hamden, CT.

From the Prophet Isaiah: Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil.

Hatred of the other has no explanation and no excuse. What happened i…

Prayer Vigil TONIGHT at 6pm


Dear Friends,

Do you remember how we felt a few months ago when hatred, with machetes in hand, walked into a synagogue on Har Nof and slaughtered 4 rabbis and maimed others as they prayed???  The horror of the deaths in a holy space, with men wrapped in

their prayer shawls and tefi…

Sydney's Annual Meeting Remarks


Top 10 Reasons I'm  Retiring


10.  My assistant, Hilary, is leaving  for North Carolina

9.     I'm considering running on the Republican ticket for President. 

 Why not? Everyone else seems to be doing it.

8.     Marketing said I can't use my old photo any longer

7.  …

Waving the Flag - May 22, 2015

Dear Friends:

This weekend, when we read the first section of the Book of Numbers, is not only Shabbat but also Shavuot and Memorial Day as well.  I want to share some history of the American Civil War of 150 years ago, when 620,000 men were killed, and attempt to make a connection to the …

Sydney Perry Announces Retirement in 2016


My Dear Friends:


Last June, at the annual meeting of the Federation, I announced my intention to retire in June, 2016. After serving almost 30 years at the Federation, "yomam v'laila", day and often deep into the night, I maintain the same passion and sense of commitment as the …

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