Opinion: Sydney Perry

Stop the Sirens No. 3 - July 24, 2014


Dear Friends: 

Over the last few weeks, as sirens have filled our collective heads - no matter where we live - and passion, compassion, grief, sorrow, fear and vitriol consumed our Facebook feeds, there has been one tune that has been playing over and over again in my head.

After the …

War and Peace - July 18, 2014

              "To everything there is a

          season, and a time for every

          purpose under heaven.... A

              time to love and a time to

        hate, a time for war and a

          time for peace...(Eccl…

Stop the Sirens - July 14, 2014

Dear Friends: 

This has been a harrowing and challenging month. 

Since Operation Protective Edge began last Monday, more than 1000 rockets from Gaza have been indiscriminately fired at Israel and her civilians - Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze.  With the increase range of the missiles,…

When In the Course of Human Events - July 4th 38 years ago - July 3, 2014

Dear Friends:

Independence Day is a time for parades, flag waving, red, white and blue clothing and face paint, barbeques, perhaps a reading of the Declaration of Independence and public displays of Roman candles.  But the real fireworks came from a pen wielded in Philadelphia in 1776 by T…

Our Federation Expresses Grief & Outrage Over Deaths of Kidnapped Students


It is with great sorrow that I share the devastating news that the bodies of the three Israeli students who were kidnapped 18 days ago have been found near Hebron.  It is a heinous, senseless act against "our boys", students who loved Israel, studied Torah and had their entir…

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