Opinion: Sydney Perry

We Stand With Nepal

Dear Friends:

Saturday evening, when Shabbat ended, the first news I heard was the terrible devastation of an earthquake in Nepal. The next information was that the IDF was immediately preparing medical teams and emergency supplies to assist in relief work. As always, Israel is either first…

City Wishes Itself A Doo-Wop 377th Birthday

New Haven Independent: City Wishes Itself A Doo-Wop 377th Birthday


Some 377 years after the Puritans established their colony here and 60 after Fred Parris penned “In the Still of the Night” in the basement of a church in Morris Cove, live doo-wop and newly planted trees popped up …

DAYYENU: IS IT ENOUGH? April 1, 2015

Monday morning dawned with a dusting of snow. I feel fairly certain that after a winter with record snowfall, we all felt like saying "Dayyenu".  Enough already.

Somewhere the crocuses are pushing up, the daffodils are waiting to grow and, yes, eventually spring will arrive. Passover, the …

Living a life that is ultimately serious: SHABBAT HAGADOL - March 27, 2015

This week's Torah portion reports instructions given by God to Moses concerning Aaron and his priestly descendants.  For all those of us who are not kohanim, we could either skip the parasha, or we can listen in. Eavesdrop, as it were.

Soon we will all be sitting at our seder tables.  We …

THE ROAD TO MOROCCO: From Fez to Rabat - March 20, 2015

Dear Friends:  

The first stop on our ten day trip to Morocco was the Berber Museum in the famous Majorelle Garden in Casablanca; our last stop was at the recently opened Mohammed VI Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Rabat. These were the bookends of our wonderful mission in early March.…

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